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EQ-ULCER was the catalyst for the establishment of Wings Equestrian Health – a company solely committed to the research, development and distribution of integrative and holistic medicine for horse health.

This equine ulcer treatment was formulated as a result of the founder’s family connection to Wings Herbal.

With 25 years in the industry, Wings Herbal is well respected as a leader in this specialist field, equipped with in-depth knowledge of the science of complimentary health, Wings is now researching and developing Equine medicines with the assistance of trusted veterinarians.

Years of development

Clinical trials


A natural, effective, veterinary trialled gastric ulcer treatment

100% natural

A proprietary blend of herbal ingredients & extractsat

Heals Ulcers in 3 Months

Veterinary trials showed the clearing of gastric ulcers in 3 months

Easy to Administer

Doses can be disolved in warm water & added to feed.

Overall Health Improvements

Improvements in behaviour, gut and hoof health noted in clinical trials.

verified clinical results

Once scoped and diagnosed with stomach ulcers by Dr Stefan Claasen we started the horses on the Eq-Ulcer medication. At the conclusion of the trial Dr Stefan Claasen scoped each horse again. Every horse was completely cured of Stomach Ulcers.

What are gastric ulcers?

Ulcers are, unfortunately, a common part of horse ownership; up to 90% of racehorses, 60% of show horses and approximately 50% of non-performance horses including foals, are affected by harmful gastric ulcers. Ulcers are due to the erosion of the gastric lining caused by prolonged exposure to the normal acid in the stomach. It is very rare for ulcers to heal without treatment.


Racehorses affected


Show horses affected


Non-performance affected

Gastric ulcers are a cause of great discomfort for horses and can give rise to general poor health, often evidenced by biting, bucking, lethargic behaviour, and general difficulty in horse management.

Clinical trials

Case One: Calypso

Calypso was a horse that we received under our care, with the typical symptoms indicating a possible stomach issue. Calypso, a Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorse, became the ideal candidate for our trials. He was slow under saddle, and did not respond to requests for forward…


Case Two: Alectra

A client’s horse, Alectra, a 14,3hh Nooitgedacht mare, came from a very competitive riding centre and was moved to a small yard when I started working with her and her owner. She was ridden by two young sisters who mostly hack and did the odd show-jumping competition…


Case Three: Apple

The last pony we scoped was a crossbreed rescue, Apple. He was stuck in a small paddock with no forage for a very long time. Apple was skin and bone. His coat was dull, and he was very unhappy to move off of the leg. His new owner helped him look and feel so much better…


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